"Knowing where you are going is the first step to getting there."

– Ken Blanchard

Why Plan?

As human beings, when things are good, we tend to think they will continue to be good. When they are bad, we despair that our lives may never recover. It is this shortsightedness, and the emotional decisions that result, that experts attribute as the reason that most of us struggle to stay on track to reach our goals and most investors earn significantly lower returns than the markets or even the specific funds they are invested in.

Beyond removing the emotion from investment management, though, planning for the unexpected can do much more for you than earn you some extra percentage growth on your assets. Planning is about designing your ideal life and then proactively protecting against the many obstacles that can appear when we least expect them.

The passing of a spouse, health challenges that result in losing jobs or the need for supportive care for you or your parents, children returning home, taxes being raised, fixed income limitations, inflation, changing economic conditions, cars breaking down, major home projects and any number of other events can throw our lives into complete disarray.

Imagine instead what it would feel like to wake up each morning knowing that for this month, next month, and every month, there was money to pay for your desired lifestyle. Imagine the gratification you would feel to be able to keep standing on your own two feet, without having to rely on others for your daily needs. And imagine the joy of being able to give the best of yourself to those around you because your personal affairs were all in order, and maybe even being able to donate to causes you believe in.
What wouldn’t you be willing to do to create that kind of impact on your life?

There are no crystal balls, but proper planning will prepare you to weather any storm that comes your way and will provide you with the freedom to spend your time and your money on what matters most to you

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